There is something so pure and honest about documenting childhood just as it is.
 Aren't these the things we want to remember about our kids once their all grown.
Their imaginations, their innocence? 
While many of you hire a photographer once a year for family photos or special milestones, what about the other days and moments that deserve to be captured.
YOU CAN BE YOUR FAMILIES STORYTELLER, and you can do so beautifully!

I want to help you! Join me for a beginner photography class designed to help you become a Storyteller We’re going to cover all the bases that give you a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence to take photos that make people cry tears of happiness haha. . 

Class will be held at a private venue in Olympia Washington on
Saturday, january, 25th from 11 -4:00.
We will provide lunch, and snacks throughout the day.
All you need to bring is your fancy DSLR camera!
Once you reserve your seat, you’ll get an email with more information about
 location, timeline and all sorts of top secret goodness.
You may also purchase a spot as a gift, and I will send you a personalized box with the class info and certificate to put under the Christmas Tree

cost // $200+tax

learn how to take rad photos with your fancy camera

capturing life in photos

topics covered include

-Camera Basics, learning the in's and outs of your camera,
How to control it manually, and get off those silly auto setting.

-Cropping and Composition, finding ways to frame your photos to make it more interesting and draw focus to your subjects. I will teach you the "rule of thirds" and show you all the fun ways to break them

-Finding good light, the key to a great photo is having killer light! We will talk inside and out, back lighting, fill light, how to highlight your subjects to bring on the drama and use that on camera flash in a way that makes it more natural.

-Evoking real emotion, I will share some of the tools I use to get real honest photos moving way behind the "cheese" face.

-Editing Basics, A quick run through of Lightroom and not only show you how to apply presets, but also gift you my own custom set I use on my own photos.

-Access to our Private Facebook page, where we can share photos and ask questions, and keep up with everyone.

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