A Super Rad Stormy, Snowboarding, Leap Day Wedding Anniversary Sesh on Crystal Mountain

April 4, 2020

Andrea and Rylan have been in one another’s lives for over 23 years! Anyone who grows up with their partner will tell you, it’s not always an easy road, but sooo worth it to have someone who has been by your side through the many stages in life.

12 Years ago they were married on Leap day, short and sweet, no frills, no dress, no photos, which is CRAZY to me seeing that Andrea herself has photographed many weddings over the years.

She wanted to do something EPIC for their 3rd “12th” Anniversary , so planned a trip out to Crystal Mountain where they spent so much time growing up. Anyone who know the couple will tell you, Andrea is a spit fire with a heart of gold and dreamed of Snowboarding in a Wedding Dress, and Rylan, well he was a trooper haha.

I met the couple up at the Mountain, and it was POURING Snow, threw on some snowshoes, and followed the couple around while being entertained by all the well wishes and looks of “THIS GIRL IS NUTS TO WEAR A DRESS OUT HERE” by all the fellow Snow enthusiasts.

Frozen to the core, finished up with a couple beers and just as we were about to call it a day, the snow stopped and the Sun came out because, of course it did haha.

Honestly though, I think this was the perfect tribute to their lives together, smiling and holding onto one another through the storm, You guys are freaking amazing, and thank you for letting me spending the day with you!



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